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Beyond the Person

"Always remember that the life you live is sometimes the life that someone else is living."
"Life becomes the lessons you learn from the chapters you live..."
"Understanding your purpose helps to define your mission that foresees God's vision..."

Antoinne M. McKinney, an alum of Cleveland State University, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the Maxine Goodman Levine College of Urban Affairs. He is also a high school graduate of Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the founder of Young A.D.U.L.T.S. Inc., a nonprofit corporation focused on youth development, education, scholarship management, and college preparation. While emerging deeper into his professional career, he enjoys engaging in his community and interacting with young people as they begin to enter new stages of life. He is a young man of multiple skills and interests; some focused within the areas of design in architecture, engineering and web design; mentoring youth; and helping to establish business opportunities. His mission is to inspire youth in the community and to become a leader of change and innovation in the City of Cleveland.