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Antoinne M. McKinney is considered more than a motivational speaker...

He captivates audiences while reaching all dynamics of intelligence, and fills in the generational gaps to help improve society as a whole. He presents a feeling of enthusiasm, interest, commitment, and a powerful message that inspires every audience. He speaks with great inspiration reaching many across the nation while still encouraging people across many nations. Antoinne M. McKinney is a dedicated community leader. He is the founder of Young A.D.U.L.T.S. Inc. That is a non-profit corporation that focuses on the educational and character development of youth primary ages of 13-25. Young A.D.U.L.T.S. provide mentoring, tutoring, educational consulting, workshops, leadership training, and more.

Antoinne M. McKinney

Step into Leadership

To lead you must follow;
To follow you must believe;
To believe you must have faith;
To have faith you must know God;
Please be encouraged and take the first step in becoming a leader.



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The Inspiration That Lies Within:

Success Management & Planning

This project has been a concept for several years since I was a student at Glenville High School in Cleveland, OH. The concept started after my class had been given an autobiography project. Once I had gotten midway through my project, I recognized how much of an inspiration my experiences have been to most of my success. I felt compelled to share my story, or at least a portion of my life, hoping significant events and lessons learned would inspire and encourage others to pursue life with a greater purpose. 

The concepts explained in the book have become part of the curriculum called, Success Management & Planning, in which I use to deliver mentoring and success coaching strategies to young people through the nonprofit, Young A.D.U.L.T.S. Inc. 

I hope that with this book I can influence more people, encourage more families and households, and inspire more youth and young adults as they discover how to develop a successful lifestyle.


Thank you for taking time out to visit my website. I hope that you have found this experience to be inspiring and useful. Please don't be a stranger and continue to visit and stay updated on new adventures...


Antoinne M. McKinney

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